About Us

Our families have had a love for animals all of our lives. Having lived on a farm at an early age, I understood how important it was to take care of the animals—pigs, chickens, dogs, cats—because we did not have medical insurance for our animals.

I also learned how a sick animal suffers. In my desire to relieve that suffering and speed recovery I was introduced to hyperbaric chambers. I was surprised to find out that expensive race horses have been treated in hyperbaric chambers for years. Why not my favorite pet?

Having 30 years experience with hyperbaric chambers for humans we decided to develop an affordable chamber for animals. That is how Pet Pressure was born. After two years of development we launched our newest chambers in 2014.

Now chambers are available for homes, clinics and animal hospitals. These great devices have saved horses for years and are now affordably available for other animals; bees, dogs, goats and more.

It is our great pleasure to offer relief to animals big and small!